Saturday, January 26, 2008

Love, Or Something Like It

Meerkat "mating is a little rough", but we've already done enough on the S&M tendencies of the animal kingdom. Much more unique to the meerkat are the social structures that shape their reproductive habits. The "game" if you will.

Much like Bloods on the streets of Bed-Stuy, meerkats live in gangs to better survive their harsh desert climate. Unlike the Bloods (or probably the Crips for that matter) these gangs are highly matriarchal.

"Meerkats try, but do not usually mate for life". (sidenote: HA!)

Kits are raised communally and since a gang can't support more than one litter at a time, only the alpha female bears children. In fact to ensure that none of the other tricky bitches try and stage a hostile coup when she's weak with child, she (temporarily) kicks them out of the gang entirely. During this time, these outcasts will frequently become impregnated by males from other gangs. These pregnancies are often aborted.

If only people exercised such practical family planning.

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