Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bigger D-bags Than David Blaine

Though I don't eat much meat, I am not a vegetarian. I don't eat meat because I don't know how to buy meat, let alone cook meat. I'm a forager, not a hunter. Put in any real wilderness survival situation I would die, quickly. Probably trying to gnaw on bark. Actual animals -- that haven't been softened by highly developed food processing and distribution industries -- have to, like kill stuff, and sometimes, sometimes, they even need to viciously tear at the carcass with no mind to the still warm juices sopping at their mouths.

This is the great irony of animal rights activists. They really seem to show little understanding of animals.
For instance, let's look at the Animal Rights Blog ('The Leading Blog for Animal Rights' ! ). While their most extensive features cover gauging one's qualifications for dog ownership -- who wants to be responsible enough to own a dog anyway, that's just one step away from parenthood, and then you are trapped, trapped like a rat -- they also feature a video on an unlikely bird/cat kinship and the "Unlikely Story of A Dog Recued from Hell".

[rant on idiocy of religious metaphors and the false sentimentalization/distortion of
biological, animalistic relationships explicated due to lack of reader interest]

Proof, animals kill each other:

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