Thursday, January 31, 2008

Still Pretty Sweet Though

I happened to be at the Mall of America -- still the greatest mall in America even though the inspirational poster store did go out of business -- this summer watching Transformers. And afterwards was kindly asked by the good folks of Intercept Research to respond to a survey. Now, I used to conduct telephone surveys over the phone so naturally I have a lot of pity for anyone doing this and always take the survey. Plus, if you do them in person you get paid, and there's little I wouldn't do for the compensation of half of my movie ticket (seriously, cut off my finger, drink butter, I'm a whore).

Then dashing all of my high minded ideals on the pure artistic intent of the film (Shia! You deserved a nomination!) the survey asked me to try and name and identify the various forms of product placement throughout the movie. And I did really poorly.

This however, I'm pretty sure is just blatant cross-referenced promotion disguised as front page news.

Elusive Wolves Caught On Camera - BBC


Anonymous said...

- "outside the box" problem solving skills.

- inspiring, regal bearing.

- practical, unapologetic predatory instincts.

Arctic Wolves for President!

hobbes said...

Maybe then Iran would respect us.