Saturday, January 12, 2008

Love, Or Something Like It

NOFX has been my brother's favorite band for at least the last twelve years. This poster hung on his wall for at least 4 of them. Though I'm pretty sure it was one of the big reasons why our Mormon cleaning woman eventually quit working for us, my parents accepted it -- along with several other offensive signs of his youthful revolt, including but not limited to: posters of the Dead Kennedys, Nuns with Guns, and of course that infamous 'patchouli scented incense' -- without question. They knew better than to make problems about it, I was mostly oblivious.

cut to little Hobbes: 'Hmm, looks like Calvin and his friends are on their way to the kitchen again; why's his room so hazey?'.

Wikipedia's entry on Animal Love is not nearly as accepting.

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