Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Update: Special Cleansing

Between organisms living in an ecosystem there exist many relationships, the most effective being, arguably, the mutualistic relationship in which two species go about their separate business but in effect their actions help each other. For example, bees and flowers, bee helps flower reproduce, bee gets the sweet sweet nectar.

You may recall yesterday we were talking about the capacity for human destruction, and how Turkey (a main hub for US military operations in the area) is considering entering Iraq to control Kurdish separatists, who have been fighting for an autonomous Kurdistan for, well, some time now.

Now, completely unrelated -- seriously, completely -- George W. Bush has come out against a US resolution declaring the Turkish massacre of Armenians (1915-1917) a genocide. Now, while, we as Americans can only be so self-righteous is shouting genocide when it periods of national construction (where did all the Indians go?); it has also been said that this resolution, if passed, would significantly derail bi-lateral Turkish-American relations and make it much more difficult for Turkey to resist public pressure not to cross into Iraq.

a) Does America want Turkey to invade Iraq? That certainly would help quash separatist tendencies...
b) If upsetting Turkey would be "very problematic" for US policy in the Middle East, materially, how dependent is the war in Iraq on Turkish compliance?
c) Who's gonna stand up and recognize the prairie dog genocide already?!?

Anyways, maybe I should start giving Bush more credit for understanding Biology...

Bush Warns Against Armenian Bill -
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