Monday, October 22, 2007

Costumes are part of the Halloween fun for some pets

Never seen a dog in a thong? Then you’ve never seen Carol Wells’ dogs dressed up for Halloween.

This year her therapy-trained Dalmatians, Carmen and Jonah, are going to be Victoria’s Secret and Joe Boxer, respectively.

But not necessarily respectably.

After previous Halloweens dressed as Carmen Miranda, Howdy Doody, Dorothy and the Tin Man, “it’s down to underwear,” said Wells, a Kansas City artist.

When she takes the dogs on their Halloween rounds of hospitals this year, Carmen will wear a thrift-store Victoria’s Secret bra, size 32A, and black lace panties with a hole cut out for her tail.

Jonah will be a Chippendale dancer in a pinstripe vest, white collar, black bow tie and black Joe Boxer underwear with fake money tucked into the waistband.

“It’s kind of tricky trying to put a pair of panties on a boy dog,” Wells said.

One can only imagine.

Yes, it’s kind of scary when Dalmatians do tricks as exotic dancers. But Halloween has clearly gone to the dogs. One in 10 Americans celebrating Halloween this year plans to make their pet wear some type of costume, according to the National Retail Federation.

No surprise, really, in this, the Epoch of the Pampered Pooch. Dog owners dress their canines year-round in rain slickers and boots, ruffled puppy panties and matching PJs and robes.

Then comes Halloween with its growing number of pet parties, parades and costume contests — read: ways to show off your dog — and owners can’t help but salivate.

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