Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Connecticut Puppy is Issued a Restraining Order

An adorable puppy is making legal history!

Cassandra Reynolds has just been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Riley, a six-month-old golden retriever. Cassandra calls the court order “ludicrous.”

It all started when Reynolds went to drop off her children at her ex-husband’s home and an argument broke out. As the situation escalated and words were exchanged, according to ex-husband, Brian Reynolds, his golden retriever approached his ex-wife as she sat in the car. That’s when, he claims, she kicked Riley across the yard.

Brian showed INSIDE EDITION how he says his ex-wife struck the dog. Sitting in the car, he says, Cassandra kicked the dog in the side with both feet.

Cassandra says she never kicked Riley. “I am not a danger to pets. I have pets. I love pets!”

But the judge ruled in favor of the pooch. On the protective order, the judge added Riley’s name in his own handwriting.

Cassandra says she was shocked by the decision. “The court room laughed,” Cassandra recalls. She plans to appeal the decision, which is dividing the small Connecticut town where the divorced couple and their children live.

This is actually the first time a pet has been given an order of protection as part of a new law just passed in Connecticut. Many other states are passing similar laws to protect pets who are often the forgotten victims of domestic violence.

A defiant Cassandra tells INSIDE EDITION, “If the courts want to waste time on this case then we’re going to stand up and fight this to the end.”

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