Monday, October 29, 2007

What the heck is this?!

What is it you ask, well i took the liberty of translating from Russian the story of this large creature!

"The inhabitants of small town with the specific name "Bobruysk" are not at all shamed their participation to the beavers, and what is more by many of them in my opinion so positive a name of its city even pleases itself. This to you not Minsk, Arkhangelsk with Kaliningrad, but entire Bobruysk!!! In the honor of Bobruysk city, the inhabitants elevated the enormous monument of satisfied beaver from the straw and the tree. Initiative belonged to no one manager of kolkhoz; To silent Anatoliy grigor'evich, who itself gathered the young people in the person of pomoshnikov, and THE MEDIA in face of the journalists of television channel NTV."

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