Monday, October 15, 2007

Lassie No. 8: Gay Gay Gay!

While his people have yet to comment, Lassie No. 8 (yes, that is the eighth descendant of Lassie) is rumored to be in a long term relationships with his "companion", Mel, a Jack Russell terrier.

According to Mother Jones, they are "inseparable".

This same article exposes the differing opinions on animal actors held by their human counterparts. Says Allen Young, the bi-ped star of Mr. Ed,

"You've got people in this town, such as Bob Barker, who don't know a bloody
thing about animals. Yet they get their gun off by calling themselves animal
protective people."

Green Acres star, Eddie Albert, when asked about his co-start Arnold the pig, chimes in,

"I have nothing to say, except that he used to steal the show. I never saw
Arnold offstage," says Albert. "As for animal rights, I am baffled even about
child actors' rights."

Yep, totally gay. And from the looks of it, also into leather.

To Animal Celebrities, It's A Jungle
- Mother Jones

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