Friday, October 19, 2007

New Canine Walk of Fame in London

LONDON (AP) — Bow wow, and take a bow: The furry and famous of the silver screen are being honored with their own walk of fame in London.

The first inductees will be six dogs chosen by public vote from a shortlist that includes Lassie, Toto of "The Wizard of Oz," cartoon superdog Gromit and Tintin's trusty companion, Snowy, organizers said Thursday.

The winners, announced Nov. 5, will receive a permanent plaque in Battersea Park, south London. The nearby Battersea Dogs Home is Britain's largest and best-known home for abandoned dogs.

The walk of fame is sponsored by the Kennel Club and television channel Sky Movies.

"To immortalize these dogs within Battersea Park, a place intrinsically linked to dogs itself, is very important to the Kennel Club and promotes the importance of dogs within our lives," said Kennel Club Secretary Caroline Kisko.

Later this month, doggie stars will be honored at the first-ever Fido awards, billed as the canine equivalent of the Academy Awards. Among the leading contenders are five corgis who starred alongside Oscar winner Helen Mirren in "The Queen."

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