Monday, October 1, 2007

Psychic connection cited in recovery of missing youth

Putting to rest suspicions of foul play, missing nine year old Smoky Ploeger has been found. She was rescued last week, at the former site of her Green Bay, WI home, where she disappeared more than three months prior.

Smoky was reported missing in June, after a tornado swept through Oconto County, destroying the Ploeger's trailer and displacing their family. Throughout the ensuing investigation, Smoky's adoptive caretaker, Wanda Ploeger, expressed confidence that the youth would be found. Operating under the conviction that she would "sense" the death of her pets, the woman had continued the search for her charge. Her effort was rewarded on September 24, when she spotted Smoky at the site of the demolished mobile home. He is suffering from malnutrition, and has developed an abcess, but is in good spirits.

Smoky found months after tornado -

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