Sunday, October 7, 2007

Golden Retrievers: The Hidden Victims of Domestic Abuse

54% of domestic abusers also abuse their pets!
50% of incarcerated abusers admit it!

Like Reilly here! He now has a restraining order on his owner's ex-wife who apparently kicked the dog when she happened to drop by her ex-husband and his new wife's house.

Last year, the New York legislature passed a measure allowing courts to impose protective orders on behalf of pets as well as people. This measure has recently been adopted by Connecticut and is being considered by New Jersey and Vermont. The pets of New England will have legitimate legal rights! Soon they'll be voting! The spirit of the revolution is alive!

But, seriously, you don't see poor homeless cats being able to file for protection when some dipshit puts a firecracker in his butt, do you? Classism! Speciesism! Who's gonna fight for the street cats?

Golden Retriever Given Order of Protection - NY Times

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