Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rogue monkey accused of Rape!

According to The Sun newspaper, the 3ft langur monkey had lived peacefully beside villagers in the Hyderabad region for years.

But the primate was overcome by lust after watching a couple engaged in amorous activities in a field, and is said to be copying the behavior.

An elderly woman is reported to have died of shock after the monkey jumped on her.

A local villager said: "It's awful. It keeps trying to do what it saw in the field!

"We're waiting for a forestry team to catch it" she added.

India has had problems with monkey violence in the past, and in some areas has resorted to training larger, more violent monkeys to combat the pests.

Last year the deputy mayor of Delhi was killed after being attacked by a hoard of wild monkeys on a balcony.

In another incident in Delhi a monkey is claimed to have snatched a two-year-old baby from its mother's arms.

The city now employs monkey catchers to round them up and return them to nearby forests. Local authorities have met resistance when they try to move the monkeys to other areas.

Culling the creatures is seen as unacceptable to devout Hindus, who see the monkeys as manifestations of the god Hanuman and often feed them.


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