Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cute Fluffy Animals Want You To Visit Them In London!

Easter gives Londoners a rare opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones in airport departure lounges while their flights are delayed or stuck on gridlocked roads. The four-day weekend is a green light to escape -- but with the school Easter holidays and an entire country trying to get out and back in at the same time, it's not such a wise move. You could stay in, gorge yourself on some low-quality egg shaped confectionery and watch bad 80s films on TV. Or you could get out there and meet some little fluffy bunnies, adorable lambs and the occasional pig or donkey. Yes, London has many city farms -- some are of the We Only Have Three Animals But There's A Nice Café variety and some are more like proper working farms. They're at their best in spring and are the perfect destressing activity (provided your visit doesn't coincide with that of the screaming child who has just made the connection between the lamb on the farm and the lamb on the lunch table). Fill up a bucket of feed and go pet your new furry friends; if your inner kid is lucky, there might even be an Easter egg hunt.

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