Saturday, March 8, 2008

Adopt Pheonix

I'm not a fan of sentimentality, but I'm too ill to think of a witty spin for this:

Pheonix was abandoned months ago at a boarding facility. She has been living in a cage with no walks and barely any human interaction since then. Confinement has started to take a toll on this poor girl and she has become severly depressed (but NOT aggressive.) When I went in to see her she lifted her head for one second (when I snapped the first picture) and then only barely wagged her tail after that. You can see the heartbreak in this girl's eyes. We are seeking a foster or permenant home in the NYC area for Pheonix. She is three years old, great with people and good with most dogs her size or smaller. I promised her I would help her get out of the cage. She needs to know what fresh air smells like, she needs to see the sunlight again. Please if you have room in your home and heart to help Pheonix and you live in the NYC area, please contact For immediate consideration please download our application from and email it to

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