Thursday, March 13, 2008

Harlequin Frog RE-Discovered?!

I don't really get this, how do you re-discover something. just because nobody has seen it in a few years. We haven't been back to the moon since the 60's does that mean some other country can just go there and re-discover it? i think this is a silly concept.

With such flashy looks, this aptly named harlequin frog seems like it would be easy to spot.

But scientists hadn't seen one of its kind for 14 years, until it was "rediscovered" last month in the mountain forests of Colombia.

The rare find—technically known as a Carrikeri harlequin frog—is some welcome good news for South America's amphibian species, which have been disappearing at an alarming rate, experts say.

But for other amphibians in the region—including dozens of other harlequin frog species—the prospects remain grim, said Luis Rueda, a biologist with the nonprofit Conservation Leadership Program who led the expedition that made the find.

The rediscovery of the Carrikeri harlequin—high in Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range—may mark the last stand for this genus of frog against the advancing epidemic.

I think i am going to re-discover something from my closet that nobody has seen in 14 years.

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