Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Casting Wild Animal Expert

We are looking to cast a WILD ANIMAL EXPERT to host a new TV series for a major cable network. Ideal candidates have educational and professional experience in the field, are adventurous, outdoorsy, age 30-50. Must be charismatic, smart, with great communication skills, who's not afraid to get his hands dirty...or be up close and personal with dangerous animals in the wild. The Host is the expert so must be able to communicate his expertise in an engaging way. This is a show about wild animals around the world -- must be willing to travel.

Big opportunity for the person chosen. You'll be the face of the show, which will air and be promoted nationally.

We are looking for a combination of expertise and personality.

To be considered, please film yourself or have someone film you answering the following questions and send me the tape (VHS, DVD, or mini-DV formats only) by Friday, March 14, 2008. 5-10 minutes max. Shoot outdoors if possible. Please also send a photo of yourself and your bio/resume. Materials will not be returned.

- Your name, where you live, your occupation
- Describe your expertise relating to wild animals and the outdoors.
- Describe your experience working with wild animals, specifically in the field
- If you're hiking a mountain and a lion approaches, explain what you should do. Further explain what to do if the lion attacks you.
- What is the most dangerous encounter or experience you've ever had (animal related or other)?
- This show will have you out in the wild, communicating to viewers what to do in the event of an encounter with a deadly animal. The experience will be authentic -- you really will be on location encountering wild animals. Are you willing to do that?
- If possible, show us you working with or encountering a wild animal.

Thank you,

Amy Rapp | Head of Development
NorthSouth Productions
1140 Broadway | Suite 1201 | New York, NY 10001

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