Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trash-Talking From the D.C. Metro?

A subway system that shall remain nameless? Rats the size of house cats? Was the New York subway system the victim of a Page Six-style blind item?

Admittedly New York certainly has its rats. We have rats at City Hall. We have rats in our fast-food restaurants. We have rats frying in our car engines. We even take pride in sharing legends of roaches as big as kiwi fruit and rats as large as dogs.

But this is something New Yorkers see as our own business, our own perverse pride. It’s a little out of form for another city to needle another about our rats.

Also, we certainly don’t have rats as large as house cats, as our urban rodentologist can attest to, given the species or rats (unless they are very small house cats). Government agencies should not be spreading false rumors.

Source: NYTimes

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