Tuesday, February 26, 2008

South Africa Brings Back Elephant Killing

All across Africa conservation groups are working to preserve populations of threatened elephants from threats like ivory poachers.

Recently, however, the South African government decided that the population in their country was sufficiently large to reinstate elephant culls.

The country banned elephant killing in 1995. Since then the population has grown from 8,000 to almost 20,000. Environment ministers say that this number of elephants is bad for both the exotic animals themselves and the South African environment as a whole. The country’s most famous game reserve, Kruger National Park, has 12,500 elephants, more than 5,000 above the sustainable total.


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Anonymous said...

Stupid animal rights activists:

"She argued that when elephants are killed, the herd automatically breeds more, and other elephants move into the space of the slain elephants, resulting in a larger population than before the killing."

What an idiot. So if I have 500 elephants in the country, and I kill 100, I will now magically have 550 elephants? Cause they just magically "show up" out of thin air? And what about the place where they moved from...will that place have more elephants, too?

Look kids, it's the magic multiplying elephants!!

LOLOL. Um, yeah, learn to do math first....

And more good lines...

Many elephants were traumatized by the killings and some became aggressive as a result.

"It changes the way they behave, there is a lot of evidence for social behavioral consequences as a result of culling" he said. The new regulations say that killing should not be carried out near other elephants

So, question: Does the pack of lions looking for their next meal know how upset they make the elephants?


And What about the humans whose subsistence farms are raided and destroyed by the elephants and now they go hungry...any research done to see if those humans are traumatized by the possibility of starvation, and if their behavior has changed, and if they become more aggressive when their stomaches are growling? Hmmmm....

How about the humans who have been wounded, almost killed, had family members killed, etc. by crazy elephants, or ones that eat that fruit and get drunk from it fermenting in their stomachs and go on wild rampages and destroy their homes....anyone know if any of those people have been traumatized and are more aggressive? I wonder...