Monday, September 24, 2007

Seen on the Street: Chatchie the Emo Pom

Ok, dude is not really named Chatchie. That's just the name I give things I want to make fun of. But it's almost redundant here, because when I discovered this poor beast in SoHo, he not only had a ridiculous goth-Lite haircut/dye job, but his owner wore matching fauxhawk/distemper/psuedo-SMBD accessories.

And it might have been cute, if the model on the other end of the leash had not been unpleasant about allowing a photograph. But if your strategy for remaining inconspicuous includes using the same stylist/groomer as your pet-quality purebred, it's probably best to stay within a 5-block radius of Bedford and N. 7th.

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