Sunday, September 23, 2007

Paris Hilton's dog attacks

Paris Hilton's dog Tinkerbell has viciously attacked a US TV producer.

The pampered pooch was being taken on to the 'Today' show by Paris' mother Kathy Hilton - who was giving an interview about her new reality TV show 'I Want To Be a Hilton' - when the pint-sized canine flipped.

A source said: "The producer came in to see them and said, 'Oh! Tinkerbell!' The producer then put her hand in Tink's Louis Vuitton carrying case and the dog bit her hand.

"Tinkerbell wasn't kidding, she really bit in good.

The producer had to shake the dog off.

It was a nasty bite".

Amazingly, Kathy just sat and watched the ugly incident without trying to prise the mutt of her 'victim'.

Afterwards, Kathy apologised to the shocked producer who allegedly required first-aid treatment on the wound left by the bite.

Last week, Paris Hilton said she will make a great mother - because she has played 'mom' to Tinkerbell.

The champagne socialite, who has sparked speculation she is pregnant after being photographed with a visible bump, says she can't wait to have children of her own - and has been practising for years on the dog and her menagerie of other pets.

When asked if she would make a good mom, she said: "I love kids. I love animals. I treat all my puppies like kids".


Anonymous said...

man if i was her i would kill that shit hound 4 realz no lie there cuse if that happen to me holy that dog would not be alive right NOW!!!

p.s i hate the girl anywayz so i give the dog a hi 5 lol laddaz im out wun

Anonymous said...

man what in the hell why would she still keep that dog that lil shyt if i was her i would get ride if it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

any normal person would know to ask the owner to pet the dog before just reaching in to the case and petting it dogs like people do have boundries and need their personal space respected i would not blame the dog for the bite in this case because of the fact that tinkerbells space was not properly respected in the case of this dog bite it was the person who got bit that caused it cudos to tinkerbelle for sticking up for her self