Saturday, September 22, 2007

Loose Cow Roams Queens Streets For Over An Hour

'Queenie' The Cow Headed For Greener Pastures After Two-Mile Chase

(AP) NEW YORK A runaway cow may be headed for greener pastures after being corralled by police following a two-mile chase through the streets of Queens.

Dubbed "Queenie," the brown and white cow was captured around 11 p.m. last night about one hour after she was first spotted roaming the streets of Jamaica, Queens.

Richard Gentles of Animal Care and Control says the cow will probably go to a farm sanctuary upstate. No one seemed to know where the cow came from. Gentles said there have been no reports of a missing cow from any of the area slaughterhouses.

In 2000, a young cow escaped from an Astoria, Queens, slaughterhouse. Her life was spared to live out on an upstate farm.

Gentles said police followed Queenie for about two miles through busy Union Turnpike and residential streets. The chase ended when the cow ran into a fenced area next to a building and police were able to block her in with their cars. Using ropes, emergency service police corralled her, and then transported her to Animal Care and Control's facilities in Manhattan.


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