Friday, September 28, 2007

Alligator Attacks Dog!

A rainy night didn't stop a Burke County man from looking for his dog. He says she went missing after being attacked by an alligator and he managed to videotape the entire incident.

Darrell Radcliff says this past Sunday afternoon was like any other. He and his golden retriever, My Lady, enjoying some quiet time near the Savannah River in Burke County.

But it's when she got into the water, that things went terribly wrong. As you can see in this video shot by Radcliff, she jumps in and starts swimming. Then she goes a little bit further out into the water and starts to circle.

She had only been doing this for about five minutes when the alligator jumps up and takes her under. Although Darrell dropped the camera at that point he's says his dog did manage to swim back to him.

“I seen the splash and I knew what was going on. She came back up screaming like everything. I felt so sorry for her but I was trying to keep the gator off. I knew I was going to come back after her and I didn't know the river was that bad,” Darrell Radcliff, Owner.

The dog has been found alive. He is being treated at an animal hospital.


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