Monday, September 24, 2007

mother f*ckin snakes on a mother f*ckin plane.... bitch

Man (name not yet released) is fined $800 for packing 30 dead snakes in his luggage on his way to South Korea from Atlanta.
as reported by yahoo news

"Last month, security officers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport found 30 snakes, a dead bird and pieces of several other birds in his luggage.

"They're typically used in traditional Chinese or Asian medicine," said Darwin Huggins, Fish and Wildlife agent in charge of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. "Some of the snakes had scorpions in their mouths. And they were preserved in wine. It's a medicinal type wine that certain cultures drink."

Federal Transportation Security Administration officials say international baggage is routinely screened and it is not unusual to find animals and animal parts.
But such a large number of animals is odd, they said."

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