Saturday, September 29, 2007

Queens renegade cow finds refuge at Farm Sanctuary!

New York City police and firefighters tracked Maxine down after calls poured into NYPD dispatchers about a cow on the loose in the borough. It took nearly an hour to corral her, and she was taken to the Manhattan branch of the New York City Animal Care & Control.

Then the media circus began. New York City journalists couldn't get enough of the story of a cow fleeing imminent death. As word of Maxine's flight spread, Farm Sanctuary members began calling our national headquarters requesting we do all we could for the cow and pledging support.

In less than a day's time, Farm Sanctuary staff were en route to New York City to pick up the cow. By the time we got there, Maxine was still a little shaken and scared, but seemed to be in good health despite her ordeal.


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hobbes said...

ahh, national headquarters. good ol' hq. where all the very important business happens. god, we're powerful.

we should really get a keg fridge for the office.