Saturday, September 29, 2007

Levi Speaks!

Guns! Drugs! Hookers!

Appearing recently to promote his upcoming documentary on animal testing, Levi the Monkey, Tara's Pirates of the Caribbean co-monkey, has come out claiming he's not at all surprised at Tara's recent meltdown.

"Its so easy to get sucked into the vapidity of the Hollywood system and forget about everything that goes on beyond the parties, and the money, and the hedonism. I've been fortunate that I've had alot of solid relationships that have kept me grounded, but Tara's had to live thru a lot and one of the easiest ways to escape that pain is to get lost in a world that will love you fiercely and indulgently just as long as you keep making them money."

He wouldn't comment on allegations that Tara was prostituting herself to feed her drug habit. Saying only, "if that is true, and I don't want to believe it is, I would just like to ask the world, who hasn't sucked cock to get ahead?"

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