Sunday, September 30, 2007

Black Dogs Victims of Racism!!!

"Soho, a black Labrador retriever with white patches of fur around his neck, didn’t know his destination. The first time, or the second.
But anyone who knows dogs knows it’s not where that matters, but the simple word “out.”

In yet another example of the black guy acting the stoic martyr and guide to the flawed white man (er, dog), the first time Soho was let out of his animal shelter cage, it was to give blood to another dying dog. The last time it was to face the needle of euthanasia. (Seriously, Morgan Freeman would kill for this role.)

“Big black dogs just don’t get adopted,” she repeated in a phone conversation. “We have the same problem with black kitties.”

Seriously guys, what would Martin Luther King do.

Soho's Final Out, Kansas City Star

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