Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Your Pets Can Live Pain Free...

Dr. Frank's Safe All Natural Pain Relief

Just a side note here, i think if you have to actually say that the product is "safe" in the title byline then it makes you wonder. Also i don't understand why it's in a spray bottle. You spray it into your pets water dish and then they drink it and all pain stops magically. Why isn't it just a bottle that you mix in the water, why a spray bottle, it seems pointless.

There is a must see video here: VIDEO

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Lorna L. Effler said...

I'm very interested in any comments/reviews from people who have used this spay for their pet's pain--did it work? Is it for-real?
I have a tiny 15.5 yr.old Pekingese very healthy except her low back discs...her gait (esp. back legs)is like she is drunk--stumbling & falling when she is walking-eating-drinking..."I wonder if this will help her?"