Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Most Popular Dog Name is Max...

According to the announcement of the Department of Health, in 2004 the most popular dog names in NYC were Max, followed by Lucky, Princess, Rocky and Buddy. Always consider that only registered dogs contribute to these dog name statistics, and only about 20% of dogs are considered to be officially registered in NYC.
According to a list published by VIP (Veterinary Pet Insurance) for the most popular dog names in 2004 the number one male dog name was Max, followed by Buddy and Jake. For female puppies the most popular name was Molly, followed by Maggy, Daisy and Lucy. The list was compiled from a survey of more than 30,000 of VPI s policyholders.
Another source for dog name statistics could be a dog tag business. One good example for a company which has compiled lists of favorite dog names from their pet ID tag orders is Bow Wow Meow - they offer listings of most popular dogg names for different geographical regions. So as for baby names it alway depends on what region you are looking at if you search for favorite dog names.


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Anonymous said...

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