Wednesday, April 9, 2008

To the douche bag who let their dog pee on my Vespa...

That isn't nice.
I don't understand how hard it is to curb your dog away from things that people own, touch or tend to.
I see people let their dogs pee on garbage bags and i think, someone has to pick that up; and maybe being a garbage man isn't the most glamorous job, but who wants to add insult to injury but making them touch urine soaked bags to make an already not so fun job worse!

there shouldn't be a need for people to put up signs that say "please curb your dog" around gardens! That should be common sense. If someone has a garden, then they probably enjoy tending to it. The next time they lean over to smell their flowers, all the will get is a tasty whiff if your dogs liquid excrement!

There are plenty of places in this city that are acceptable to let your dog urinate on. Fire hydrants for example is a good place to start. We hold firefighters with the utmost regard in our society, yet when they are trying to save your lives and possessions we thank them by letting them douse the blaze with a piss soaked hydrant.

Lets take a moment to dissect the term "curb your dog." Maybe the key here is that you don't quite understand what it means. "Your dogs urine isn't wanted here" that is what it means. But lets break it down further, does it mean that you should bring your dog to the actual curb to pee? YES!

I don't want to put a sign on my vespa cover saying "please curb your dog" because that is silly, and you probably won't pay any attention to it anyway; because any person who is so oblivious to the world around them would most likely not be able to process that request.

in conclusion, everything i touch now smells like urine, and i hope that one day i will be able to shake your hand.

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