Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We're killing all the cool animals!

Global warming is upending natural animal habitats, killing droves of species!
"It got really hot and suddenly started raining [flying] foxes from the trees," said Welbergen, who witnessed the die-off. "It was quite gruesome."
Not given enough time to evolve to changing environmental conditions, species that tend to reproduce more sparingly, will not be able to adapt to changing conditions. However, "a few will benefit, chiefly those that breed quickly, already exist in varied climates and are able to adapt swiftly to changing conditions, scientists said. Think cockroaches, pigeons and weeds." WTF!

Now some scientists are proposing the erection (hehe) of natural corridors to encourage animals to move and even relocating them to cooler places. And I can only ask, couldn't we just turn Earth just a big zoo? We could just maintain displays of the many glorious creatures that used to live naturally and are now protected, an international chain of safaris across the world! A chain to rival Disney! Like the Bronx zoo on Bond Juice!

Okay, now I can't tell if I'm being snarky or getting really excited about this idea...

Global Warming Wreaks Havoc With Nature - AP

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