Monday, December 10, 2007

Forget War on Christmas, PETA Fighting War on New York City

In a further blow to the institution of New York City, Tony Avella has proposed legislation banning horse-drawn carriages in the city, claiming it to be both cruel and inhumane. This follows a September incident in which a horse was spooked by street musicians (who hasn't been!), ran into the street, and, you know, died.
But how are tourists going to experience the real New York City if they can't be carted around by technologies over a century past their relevancy? How will we mythologize a history of industrial indulgence and Victorian romance if we can't ride behind these submissive steeds? Must we say good-bye to a world in which Seinfeld's quirky observations -- of course a horse would get gas after eating a whole can of Bean-o, its just so real! -- are still relevant?!?
According to PETA, yes!

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