Saturday, December 29, 2007

Love, or Something Like It

Back by popular demand (seriously, overwhelming guys, thanks for your generous showering of support) our weekly tribute to the titallation and well, let's face it, ickiness of animal husbandry.

Now if you were silly enough to ignore the sagacity of Bob Barker surely you're asking yourself now, "what is that high pitched screech coming out of my cat? Why is Miss Kitty rubbing her junk all up on my shit? Seriously, cat! That's my toaster! I was going to eat that bagel!"

Well, friend, when you're irresponsible (who wants to be responsible anyways, its not like you use condoms either!) and don't take care of Miss Kitty's ovaries she becomes a queen!

And she announces to the world, "Fuck Me!". And the Tom Cat happily obliges.

Mounting from behind, he bites the nape of her neck while thrusting. Rough! All male cats being equipped with a barbed penis, she's bound to finish off loudly.

Seriously, I'm not making any of this up. Ask Franny Syufy, who, judging from her picture, probably knows more about pussies than cock.

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