Saturday, December 1, 2007

Doggie Bags!?

I found this; here:

"What is the most popular accessory today? No, it’s not a strand of pearls or a cell phone. It’s a small dog! You’ve probably seen everyone from Paris Hilton to your next-door neighbor with a little dog on they’re arm. And why not! Small dogs are cute, they’re cuddly and best of all you can take them almost anywhere! The most convenient way to transport your pooch is with dog purses."

I don't know what i think about it, do you like "doggie bags?" I feel that the dogs aren't "accessories" they are pets and animal friends. Doesn't the dog need to walk around to get exercise! I mean you leave him in your house sitting on your lap all day, then when he finally gets outside for a breath of fresh air you put him in a bag?! Come on! Let you little friend run about, if only for a short while while you pick up that new Gucci sweater!

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