Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Animal Life Lessons: For once and for all, stop freaking having children already

Are you like so many American teenagers laboring under the miseducation of No Child Left Behind (and 7 years of it!), or the idea that the road to heaven is like a supermarket check-out, and if you have seven items you can use the expresslane, or you believe, like this guy, that the white man infects condoms with AIDS to keep Africa down? But you just keep finding yourself with more and more children who all want their slice of the pie?
Then take take a tip from the Wood Turtle, breed near racoons!
"The neat, interesting thing about turtles is not that they can live long lives.
It's that they must live long lives. Even if 90 percent of their eggs are
eaten, if you live for 50 years you have a darn good crack at having some
Long Live the Wood Turtle! - Detroit Free Press

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