Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Horse impaled on fence stake

THE RSPCA and firefighters are calling for the removal of new fencing after a horse became impaled on its spikes.

It is believed to be the second incident since the fence was put up on marshland in Thamesmead.

The 4ft-high chestnut paling fence was put up by Gallions Housing Association between the marshes at Southmere Green, also known as Veridian Business Park, and the open space of Southmere Park.

The association says it was put up to stop horses which graze on the marshes from getting onto the public footpaths and to create separate grazing areas.

But on October 28, two fire crews from Erith fire station and the RSPCA were called after a horse became impaled on the fence while trying to jump over it.

One witness said the horse was impaled by three of the wooden fence stakes which had entered its stomach.

She said: "There was blood dripping down the palings."

The owner of the horse, believed to be a local traveller, arrived before firefighters and the RSPCA inspector and was already removing the spikes by the time they arrived.

Residents say the previous week another horse died from its injuries after being impaled.

The RSPCA confirmed an inspector had attended the second incident.

A spokesman said the injuries were about 1.5in deep.

An appointment has been made for the horse to see a vet.

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