Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Shots Ring Out!... after the break

Federal officials have announced they will need more time in deciding whether or not to place the polar bear on the endangered species list due to the threat posed to their environment by global warming.

While everything (underline, exclamation point) we cover here at animalinsider is important -- particularly the lolanimals, particularly the photoshopped pictures of cats in boobs -- this story we find particularly loaded. Why?

a) It would legally recognize global warming as the threat.
b) This classification could trigger limits on arctic development, particularly oil and gas exploration and production.

c) Polar Bears are cute.

d) Polar Bears are also smart and dangerous and powerful -- Gnut!

e) This is clearly a Polar Bear plot to take over humanity -- did you read (a) and (b), does that sound realistic at all???
Who knows, bills get tabled for reasons, it probably won't happen.

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